Francis Leekya Zuni Fetishes

Francis Leekya, son of Zuni legend Leekya Deyuse,
took Zuni fetish carving in a beautiful new Direction

Carrying on Francis Leekya's carving style are his sons Hayes Leekya,
Delvin Leekya, Freddie Leekya and grandson, Bryson Bobelu

Francis Leekya fetish carvings are a triumph of the human spirit. Francis
Leekya is deceased now. His most inspired carvings were made in
the last few years of his life, from 1998 - 2003.

During this period, Francis was confined to a wheel chair as the result of
several strokes that left him almost completely paralyzed. In the photo
below, Francis is seen seated in his wheelchair. His right hand and arm
never moved from that knotted position. Also, as a result of the
strokes speech was very difficult for Francis.

Francis Leekya

Despite Francis' physical deformity, the peaceful light in his eyes and
smile on his face was always there.

Francis' worked in a small studio attached to his home overlooking the road.
His grinding wheel was situated behind a large window facing the street.
 Whenever I visited Francis, I would park my loud, clanking diesel
truck within a few feet of him seated behind the window.

I'd get out of the truck and knock at the screen door. Francis was just a
few feet away, seated at his workbench. Minutes passed before Francis
 would stop carving, pick up his head, and realize I was there.

Francis loved to carve. When he was carving it was as if he was in another
 world. A peaceful world where he was surrounded by everything he loved.
A world where physical limitations did not exist.

The fetish carvings that Francis produced during those years are proof to
that. Frankly, those carvings would have been a triumph for a healthy
person to produce. Towards the end, Francis was in and out of
 hospital intensive care units more times then
 I care to remember.

Francis Leekya's spirit, well that's an entirely different matter. His
spirit soared. Francis left a legacy that has influenced the way Zuni
 fetishes will forever be carved. But more then that, Francis was a
 lighted candle. Proof of the spirit that exists in us all.


Concerning Collector Prices of
Francis Leekya Carvings

The prices of Francis Leekya fetishes has risen substantially
 since his death. However, regardless of increasing prices,
 collectors rarely part with their Francis Leekya fetish
carvings. In fact, collectors continue to add
 prime Francis fetish carvings to
their collections.

The reason for this is not complicated. Francis did not
carve many fetishes. Those he made were
Francis would spend hours contemplating the
smallest detail.

When Francis carved he transcended this world...
he moved beyond his physical limitations and pain. Francis
carved life into stone, freed the spirit within the stone... and
in the process, lived a
meaningful and peaceful life.

Francis Leekya Rainbow Dolomite Mountain Lion

circa 2002

This is a large Francis Leekya carving.

5 3/4" long



Francis Leekya Serpentine Frog

circa 2001

Quite animated and charming

2 1/2"


Sure to charm even the most discriminating collector


Francis Leekya Serpentine Coral Turquoise Leaf Necklace

circa 2000

7 large carved Leekya Leafs strung on a 19" Turquoise Nugget
 and Coral Branch Necklace.

Notice each leaf is carved to accommodate the Necklace
being strung through it.

Each leaf is about 1 1/2" to 2" long


Francis made about 6 Leaf Necklaces, some with Turquoise Leafs
 and some like this with Serpentine Leafs.


Francis Leekya Frogstone Serpentine Zuni Fetish Frog

Circa 2001

1 of about 8

2 1/2" Diameter



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